Keeping Your Clean Bench Safe and Operating Properly

A clean bench or laminar flow cabinet is a crucial piece of equipment that offers a sterile environment for sensitive processes by delivering a continuous stream of filtered air. Initially used in specialized fields like research and manufacturing, clean benches have expanded into various sectors including aerospace, biosciences, pharmaceuticals, and food production.

These benches integrate a non-ducted air filtration system to maintain a pristine workspace by filtering out airborne pollutants. The rise in the use of clean benches can be attributed to several benefits: they recycle air, thus minimizing ecological impact; they do not produce harmful emissions; they are cost-effective in initial setup and upkeep; and they usually only require annual filter replacements. Their design is conducive to easy and immediate operation, negating the necessity for elaborate HVAC installations. Their portability, due to compatibility with standard electric power, and in-built safety monitoring systems, which comply with ACGIH standards, further contribute to their appeal.

However, there is a notable lack of awareness concerning the maintenance needed to ensure clean benches remain functional and meet regulatory standards. For a more in-depth understanding, one should refer to the material provided by Technical Safety Services below.

Technical Safety Services

Infographic created by Technical Safety Services

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