If you’re an entrepreneur or a small business owner, then you probably recognize that this is an exciting time to be alive. Why? Because the internet and the proliferation of e-commerce makes launching and running a business far more attainable than it was years ago. This is especially true as it relates to selling products online. There was a time when selling a product online required a significant investment to establish a website before you could even begin to think about a marketing plan.

In this current digital age, an idea of one person coupled with a commitment to seeing it through is enough to both launch a website and achieve the kind of success that was not possible a couple of decades ago. When you consider mobile applications, you begin to realize that the game has changed because, with the right plan, you can make your products accessible to millions of people who carry smartphones. There’s a growing trend of people selling and buying products online using integrated platforms that accommodate mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers and laptops.

While there was once trepidation about shopping online, it seems as though the general public has recognized that shopping online is now the way of the world. Perhaps the fact that so many people are shopaholics and simply want to shop whenever and wherever they can has contributed to the growth of shopping on all platforms. We certainly can’t ignore the fact that people like comfort and purchasing something that you need from a device held in the palm of your hands is about as comfortable as you can get. If you need guidance as a business owner, you can study a guide to retail store operations, which will increase your knowledge as you launch or improve your business.

If we go back a couple of decades, the idea that someone would have a small electronic device that allows them to access resources and information around the globe would have been inconceivable. Although it’s something that most people use every day now, it can still be fascinating if you think about it long enough. Recent technological advances have gone far beyond what would have been perceived as possible at the turn of the century.

Interestingly, it’s believed that e-commerce offers a level of happiness that is not found during physical shopping in brick and mortar stores because consumers can avoid long lines and other shopping pet peeves. In a world of ever-increasing online engagement, mobile applications are growing to accommodate consumer preferences. Mobile applications initially grew when there were challenges accessing traditional websites from mobile devices. There was simply a need that had to be filled – and it was.

Perhaps the most important issue concerning e-commerce today is engagement. For many reasons, companies have to ensure they are engaged with their target audience if they want to capture and maintain their desired market share. This often includes the strategic use of technology and ongoing efforts to connect with their customers through tactical marketing. To a large degree, it’s really about building brand equity and protecting the brand’s reputation, because the opinion of your customers is readily available online for everyone to see.

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