When you buy expensive equipment and machinery it is very important to maintain it. Good maintenance increases overall life and you don’t have to get a replacement. HVAC maintenance is the same thing. You need to maintain your HVAC so that it remains in working condition for a longer time. Different equipment and machines require different tasks for their maintenance. You need to know about all the HVAC maintenance tasks to ensure that they are done at right time. Maintenance tasks vary according to the change in weather so you need to do certain tasks in particular seasons.

Hot Weather Maintenance

Clean filters are the key to good heating and cooling system therefore you need to replace all the filters in the summer. You need to open the drainpipe to clean it and ensure that there is no standing water inside it. Take a look at the thermostat to ensure that it is functioning properly and is intact. Check the blowers and blades of the fan; good airflow is important for temperature maintenance. Apply lubrication to all the moving parts of the HVAC so that they can move smoothly without friction. Clean the dust and other things like spider webs that have invaded your outdoor unit.

Winter Maintenance

Check the filters and replace them with new ones for proper heating.  If the belts and pulleys are in bad condition get them replaced so that the unit keeps on functioning properly. As the heating system operates on gas as an economical fuel, make sure that gas pressure is well maintained. Do cleaning of the pans and the drain pipes to avoid overflow of water. Check the condition of the heat pump. Ensure that the flue system is intact with the furnace to avoid any heat loss. Inspect the wiring and joints to ensure that there is no broken electrical connection.

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