Five Types of IT Vulnerabilities Your Business Could Be Facing Right Now

Technology was supposed to make things for a business, such as streamlining operations, guaranteeing efficiency, and eliminating unnecessary overheads. However, despite its good intents, it has at times exposed businesses to substantial losses and even forced some to wind up. According to Digital Defense, this only happens when malicious individuals uncover vulnerabilities within your organization’s IT systems and use them to hurt the business by way of exposing sensitive business and client data or corrupting the company systems and data. Some of these risky vulnerabilities that your business could be exposed to include:

Poor Worker Authentication Programs

How do you control access to your company resources, either physical or digital? For instance, have you put in place different and strong authentication features for employees and guests accessing company resources? This includes the use of identification documents as well as strong passwords. Checking for vulnerabilities at this level starts by testing the likelihood of manipulating the system through stolen authentication programs or hijacking company data while on transit.

Improper Protection of Sensitive Company Data

Most cybercriminals coming at your business are almost always after the sensitive business information. This includes patented formulas and practices that make your products unique or such client information as social security and banking information. Do you have these uploaded to your company servers or do you maintain them in airgap computers? How many individuals have access to this data? More importantly, how hard is it for unauthorized persons to access this information? Answering these questions should help you decide n the extent of the vulnerability.

Poor Management of the IT Departments

The IT department stands as the last line of defense between your sensitive company information or smooth execution of your company duties and cybercriminals. In light of that, only engage a team of professionals that remains upbeat with the different IT challenges cropping up around the world of business, regularly asses company vulnerabilities and addresses them. For instance, have they put in place reporting procedures for misplaced and stolen access cards and IDs? Note that the blockade against cyber threats to your business is only as strong as your IT department.

Unpatched Servers and Software

Software distributors and server managers are constantly reviewing their products, identifying potential vulnerabilities known bugs and providing a fix in the form of a software update. Skipping a server or software, therefore, exposes your business to numerous risks. It is imperative that you only operate on updated servers and company software, especially if they are used to access sensitive client or business information.

Malicious Employees

Malicious employees present yet another vulnerability to business and client information. The fact that it is hard to vet a person’s intent without arousing suspicion makes it hard to detect this form of vulnerability. However, you can keep it a minimum by limiting access to this information through passwords and access codes as well as keeping such information under lock and key.

Bottom Line

There are numerous possible vulnerabilities to a business. Most are, however, controllable as they only require proper reporting systems, updates, and regulated access to the company and its information. You are advised to engage a business systems specialist and have them asses it, identify, and arrest possible vulnerabilities within your organization before someone exploits them.

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