The Newest Street Food Franchise Outlet in Delhi

Indore-based Chatar Patar street food franchise has significantly expanded network in various location across India in the past few years. Few days back, outstandingly designed outlet has been started at Uttam Nagar, Delhi. The restaurant is centre of attraction for customers; they can order wide range of Indoori style chaats, bhel, panipuri and chaatizza. Add to Delhi’s diversity, Chatar Patar’s menu will definitely give taste to tongue. Comprehensive franchise systems and well-maintained operational efficiency are important parameter that needs to be addressed when developing a street food franchise in any location. Chatar Patar is committed to delivering awesome, outstanding franchise systems and superior operating procedures. Franchisees can enjoy successful business venture and generate huge revenues. In Delhi there are number of street vendors that offer low cost snacks in open air environment but hygiene condition is not up to mark. Obviously, food industry is dominated by both national and international players. Chatar Patar foods Pvt. Ltd. is leading food Franchise Company which has delivered low investment and profitable models in tier 2 and 3 cities consistently. In the past five years, franchise network is expressively expanded and at present, 100+ outlets running successfully in pan India location. As compared to other food franchise brands, the chaat franchise company offers cost-effective and money-making business models. With experience franchise development team, franchisees can easily establish new store in their own city. Operations team assist in site selection, interior branding, store set up and grand opening, moreover staff recruitment is also done by the team. In India, foodservice industry is comprised of various sub-categories; individuals can choose any brand based on their interest level. Street food is one of the fastest growing categories even global brands also show interest in local snacks. For example, Chatar Patar has already experimented with on-going panipuri flavours such as Kiwi, Litchi, strawberry, thela pani, etc. It is growing nationally and seeking qualified, passionate and interested investors who share same mission and vision. It is quite difficult to pull customers for other brands, in case of Chatar Patar customers will automatically visit to stores owing to increasing brand awareness and fantastic menu. Started with a nominal investment of around INR 30000, panipuri franchise brand is turn out to be best and most valuable on the planet. It can be replicated in tier 2 and 3 cities easily as complete business model is highly standardized. Become boss of own business The investment required to open Chatar Patar franchise is around 7 to 20 lakhs included with franchise fee. In menu, you will find tasty zaapi, delicious sandwiches, scrumptious chaatizza, aromatic drinks, and aloo chakri. It is a top-notch foodservice brand which grants you permission to run business in different location across the country. Each day, chefs are busy in research and development activities to develop yummy internationally inspired cuisines. Indian customers are aware about latest trends such as digital menu, healthy recipes and online delivery systems. It goes without saying that; food industry is expanding at rapid rate and every year dozens of new brands have penetrated local market with profitable concepts but only few of them manage to survive. Chatar Patar has spread wings in major cities and is planning to establish franchise network in global marketplace as well. Before investing in any brand, you must focus on various things such as location, marketing, customer satisfaction, and staff recruitment. Start your own food franchise at low investment in cities such as Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Surat, Mumbai, Pune and Goa. Apply for street food franchise as soon as possible.

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