Reliance Jio, which had taken the entire telecom industry by the storm with providing free voice calls, has once again hit headline as the digital giant has launched mega broadband product- Gigafiber. The fixed line broadband service was launched by the Reliance Industries Limited’s chairman Mukesh Ambani during the company’s Annual General Meeting on July 5, 2018.

With the resounding entry of Reliance Jio in broadband service, it is expected that like telecom, jio will change the course of internet services in India. The phenomenon success of the product of the richest man of India Mukesh Ambani in digital market has made it a subject for marketing research. In a very short period time, Reliance Jio has achieved unprecedented success by providing cheaper voice call and unlimited internet services. It would not be exaggerate as saying that Reliance Jio has revolutionised the digital market. Reliance Jio, which was launched In May 2016, had introduced a series of multimedia apps on Google Play as part of its 4G services. Aiming to cover almost all digital segments, Reliance Jio had brought- MyJio: It is the parent mobile application which enables user to manage Jio account and digital services associated with it. JioTV: It is an entertainment mobile App which provides – live TV channel service. The app was a common platform for almost all big TV channels. Moreover, it works like a mini television. JioCinema: The app, that shows movies, has online HD video library. JioChat: The app is working like WhatsApp (instant messaging app) JioMusic: It is highly appreciated by the music lovers as the app has a big collection of different genre of songs. Other apps are-Jio4GVoice, JioMags, JioXpressNews, JioSecurity, JioCloud, JioMoney Wallet. More importantly, Reliance Jio is going to take India in 5G era as the company had announced a partnership with Samsung to work on LTE – Advanced Pro and 5G in February 2017. The super success of Reliance Industries in telcom and internet sectors has shown that a good digital marketing is not only about the increase in conversion but It is also about the competition that Jio triggered in the market.

It is the Jio that forced the well-established players in Indian digital market to relook and develop a better strategy. Indea Cellular and Vodafone merger is also an outfall of Jio-effect. Experts say that Reliance Jio has been using the digital marketing tools and techniques better than its competitors and the result is a new player (Jio) is heading the entire industry. They also underlined that Jio is interacting and providing its customers proper engagement points that give an insight view of what the target audience wants.

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